Since giving is such an important part of our worship of God we have provided three different opportunities for you to worship through giving. 

Giving Options at Providence

Cash/Check (Preferred Method) 

The offering plate is passed during the worship service every week. Simply place your check or cash into the offering plate. You do receive tax advantages for your yearly contributions, so if you give with cash please use the offering envelopes in the pews so that your gift can be attributed to you. 

Bill Pay Service (Preferred Method) 

Most banks have a free online bill payment service. You can simply set-up your tithe to be giving to Providence through your banks online bill payment service. There is no charge for you or the church using this method. 

Electronic Funds Transfer (Preferred Method:)

Coming Soon! 

You can sign up on the Providence website to have funds transferred from your bank account to the church. You will have the option to set-up a one time or a recurring donation. This is a free service for you, but there is a small charge to the church. 

Credit Cards/Debit Cards

Coming Soon! 

There are differing opinions on the use of credit cards. We have provided this option for individuals who do all of their transactions through a credit card. We do ask that you only use this option if you pay off your full credit card balance every month. This is not our preferred method of giving; since there is a significant charge to the church, but it is an option for those who desire to give in this way.